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Cleaning Chemicals & Equipments

Cleaning Chemicals & Equipments


Having the right supplies and equipment makes all the difference when it comes to cleaning, in terms of both effectiveness and efficiency. Use this list to stock up, and then create cleaning kits to place around your area for easy access.

Must-Have Cleaning Solutions

Some cleaners suit multiple surfaces in your area, while others work for just one. Purchase the following:

Microfiber cloth — Microfibers are mostly made of polyester, and, unlike cotton, they leave no lint behind. They are usually knitted and very soft, making them generally safe for use on relatively soft surfaces such as paint or wood. Make sure the cloths haven’t latched onto a small piece of grit that could cause a scratch.

Extendible duster — No matter your height, you will be able to reach the tops of the ceiling fans in your area with one of these handy cleaning tools.

Scrubby sponges — The sponge side works well for most cleanups, while the scrubby side helps you tackle tougher jobs. These work in both the kitchen and bathroom.

Toilet brush — Having a brush that cleans your toilet, and only your toilet, helps curb the spread of germs to other surfaces.

Vacuum — Vacuums work on both hard and soft surfaces, such as carpet, floors and upholstery. Make sure the beater bar is set for the correct surface and use attachments for upholstery and hard to reach, tight spaces such as between your refrigerator and wall.

Bucket — Using a bucket, as opposed to filling a sink with cleaning, makes it much easier to tackle floors.

Microfiber mop — This tool works for many types of hard surface flooring.

Grout brush — These narrow brushes help you free grout lines of debris, resulting in longer-lasting grout.

Rubber gloves— Protect your hands while cleaning, especially when using acid-based cleaners or if you suffer from skin sensitivity.

Other specialty cleaning products and tools you might need:

  • Hard-water cleaner
  • Squeegee
  • Glass stovetop scraper

Tips for Cleaning Less Often

All of the above will collectively help you keep your area clean. How often you must do it, though, depends on you. By creating and placing cleaning kits throughout your area, you encourage maintenance between deep cleans. Consider purchasing multiple cleaning caddies and storing in each one the products and tools for a particular room, such as the bathroom, kitchen and laundry room. That way, you clean in small increments, as opposed to spending an entire day on the job.

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